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Intake Manifold Molds

Best Intake Manifold Molds Supplier

Dongguan Dingxiang Mould Co LTD is an Intake Manifold Molds Supplier based in China. Since our establishment in 2005, we have been working to meet the demands of our clients. Our facility has been enlarged to 3000 square meters. Making molds for the automotive industry is our area of competence. Air filters, high glass pillars for automobiles, engine gasoline bottom cases, and other items are on our list.

We have been an Intake Manifold Molds Supplier for a long time. For European, American, and Japanese manufacturers of vehicles, aviation, and electrical appliances. We as an Intake Manifold Molds Supplier have been making precision plastic, high-temperature engineering material, rubber, zinc, and aluminum alloy molds. As we have expertise in these domains, we want to serve the best among our customers.

Intake Manifold Molds Supplier and Its Customer Services?

The core value of our business has always been “people-oriented, customer first.” We have assembled a group of highly qualified professionals with good vocational skills and a strong sense of responsibility in order to produce the best molds possible.

There are 98 people working for our company, all of whom have extensive mold-making experience and a strong commitment to quality. 22 competent technicians with an average tenure of 12 years and extensive knowledge in design, mold splitting, and programming work in the engineering department.

List Of Our Products

Air filters, airbags, car fenders, door panels, fans, and many other items are among our offerings. On our website, as an Intake Manifold Moulds Supplier, we have a list of every product. We have ensured that our customers receive the highest quality products at an affordable price. In this manner, you can acquire the best for you from an intake manifold molds supplier. We also deal with automotive pressure pipe molds, do check it out!


What is the manifold used in Mould?

The manifold allows the flow of resin into different nozzles and injection points. 

How much does an intake manifold cost?

The national cost for an intake manifold replacement in 2023 is between $44 and $1034 with an average of $493.

Do intake manifolds increase HP?

yes. A smooth interior pathway with a straight path to the cylinder head will increase horsepower.

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